About us

We are a group of an offshore technician and also the writer who tries to compile great steps to help the other with common problems faced by the end user deal with. We always try to bring some new issues to surface and try to resolve it using simple and easy methods. With this site we don't sell any product instead we recommend some product which may suitable for your need, it can be paid product or even absolutely free product.

    Our purpose is clear that is to bring you some free solution to you whether it is a technical problem which is needed in-depth analysis or just a simple problem which doesn't need in-depth understanding and practice.

    If you have some inquiry or any question which is too hard to resolve you can drop us a mail via the contact us section and we will be very happy to share our technique to resolve such problems with you.

For local people can ping us via below addresses.


JL. Serayu no. 79 Blitar,
Jawa Timur